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At Nureca, we are focused on improving the quality and vitality of people’s lives.

Nureca Limited are specialists in home healthcare and wellness products. Our leading brands include Dr Trust, Dr Physio and Trumom.

Dr Trust, our flagship brand, was founded 13 years ago. Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma, is brand ambassador for Dr Trust.

Our company is listed on the National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange and backed by an experienced board. Our global subsidiary Nureca Inc, is headquartered in New York, USA.

Over 1.24 crore Dr Trust products have been sold to families in 5 countries globally. Our products are certified by USFDA, CE, ISO 13485 and we have been granted over 104 Patents.

We are India’s No.1 D2C healthcare brand and our products have 1 lakh 23 thousand positive reviews online rate over 4.3 Stars. Our leading IOT healthcare app Dr Trust 360 has over one million users. 

With recommendations of top doctors, our brands have generated a revenue of over 112 million USD over the last 6 years. We have developed 224 products over the years, across the following categories:

  1. Chronic Disease Products
  2. Orthopaedic products  
  3. Lifestyle Products
  4. Nutrition
  5. Mother and Baby care
  6. And Connected devices.

We have won numerous awards including the prestigious Best healthcare brand award by Economic Times.

Pharmexcil (Government of India) has recognised us as a very dynamic and evolving medical devices company providing very high-quality medical devices with Dr Trust now being a household name in India.

Our products have been positively reviewed by Times of India, NDTV, the Economic Times, Hindustan Times, The Telegraph, News 18, Business Insider, among other prestigious publications.

We combine meaningful innovation, proven technologies and ergonomic design to help people take control of their own wellbeing.

Our industry leading digital medical devices and wellness products have helped over 12 million people achieve their health & wellness goals. Our products serve individuals, caregivers and medical practitioners across the globe.

In today’s connected world, people’s health journeys also need to be connected. To facilitate this, Nureca is highly invested in creating a digital ecosystem that facilitates early detection and management of lifestyle diseases. This digitised ecosystem is driving our shift from stand-alone products to solutions combining smart devices, software and systems.


Innovation Driven Dynamic Company


Innovation is at our core and customer centricity, is our locus. Innovation at Nureca is driven by our humanised design approach of Think.Feel.Create. It is intrinsic to who we are and what we do. Every day we endeavour to make our products & solutions more accurate, safe, responsive, functional and user friendly.

🏆 We have been awarded: Economic Times Most Preferred Brands 2020, Economic Times Best healthcare Brands 2021 and Most Innovative Companies in India 2023 by Marksmen daily

Integrity & Trust

We do the right thing, no matter what! We display an uncompromising adherence to high level of corporate ethics. We operate with utmost transparency, sincerity, candour and honesty. We believe that building trust builds a better company. Millions of people use our products every day because they trust our products will deliver what they promise.


We consider it our responsibility to bring world-leading digital health and wellness products to people across the world. We are focused on enabling our co-citizens to live healthier and happier lives. We hold ourselves accountable to this responsibility and are committed to this cause. This sense of accountable responsibility of promoting holistic wellbeing is not just limited to our customers but is extended to include our partners and our employees.


Leading the way with Pioneering Brands


Wellness & Healthcare

Dr Trust is a leading brand of highly accurate medical devices and health monitoring solutions. All Dr Trust products adhere to global standards like FDA & CE. All products champion our human centric design philosophy – Think, feel & create. Dr Trust products aim to make health and lifestyle management easier for people across the world. Our latest innovation in digitised ecosystem is driving our shift from stand-alone products to solutions combining smart devices, software and systems.


Mother & Childcare

Trumom loves babies and is committed to keeping them safe, comfortable, and happy. Our product design philosophy keeps us in sync with the needs of parents and babies alike. Trumom’s infant and mother care products are safe, reliable and exceed global quality standards. We understand the deep primal bond between mothers and newborns, and our products endeavour to nurture and strengthen this bond.


Orthocare & Pain Management

Dr Physio products help relieve chronic pain, enhance range of movement and increase mobility thereby enabling our customers lead healthy & active lives. Our innovative range of products cover all aspects of restorative wellbeing, non-intrusive pain management and holistic, full body relaxation.


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