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Nureca’s growing range of connected devices ensure that our customers have access to vital health information anytime, anywhere. We offer smart technology enabled patient-centric connected healthcare solutions.

Connected health devices are redefining the traditional methods of patients’ health monitoring! We as a leader in the healthcare segment want to make the healthcare industry advanced, lean, and efficient with our state-of-the-art smart healthcare technologies. We are using a new generation of information technologies for providing blood pressure monitors, glucometers, scales, ECG devices, and many other biosensing wearables that allow to collect and share of patient’s real-time health monitoring data for quick diagnosis.

Our patient-centric connected solutions are engineered using a range of technologies and expertise to improve the level of satisfaction of patients. All these products are validated for clinical accuracy. All these devices are powered by evolving technologies including artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and voice etc to offer a customer-centric experience. We are continuously working on 1st of a kind products to establish ourselves as a thought leader in the connected healthcare segment.


This portable Bluetooth ECG EKG Electrocardiogram Test Machine allows medically accurate results instantaneously. Powered by patented sensor technology, it directly measures the electrical activity of the heart and connects to your smart phone via the IBP Monitor App. Through this completely digital ecosystem, all heart rhythm ECG and waveform data can be stored, analysed and shared easily.


Fitness Tracker

The Bluetooth enabled fitness tracker is a must for sports enthusiasts as well as health conscious people. Powered by the JClife Mobile App, the user can track and monitor all-day activities, body composition, sleep health, and heart rate. Get deep insight and make changes to boost your health and build healthier habits.


Blood Pressure Monitor

These Bluetooth enabled BP Monitors measure systolic, diastolic and heart rate data and evaluate the results per the WHO indicator. They then communicate wirelessly with your phone and sync data using the Dr Trust BP Connect App. This allows you to store, record, analyse and share all your systolic, diastolic and heart rate data easily.


Self Blood Glucose Monitoing

Dr Trust GlucoSMART, an Android connected glucometer which is designed to fit your fast paced digital lifestyle. It connects directly to your smartphone and syncs everything automatically. It has very high accuracy, global listings and fast performance. Now your glucose measurements can be shared seamlessly with caregivers and doctors, anytime, anywhere.


Smart Body Composition Scales

The smart scale measures BMI, Bone Mass, Muscle, BFR, Moisture, BMR, Visceral fat, Subcutaneous fat, Protein rate, Body age, Body fat, Weight without fat and Muscle weight. It is integral you your weight management goals and give complete insights into your progress. All readings can be synced up to your smart phone using the comprehensive health app



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