Chronic Diseases

Monitor . Prevent . Control

Our products empower people to accurately monitor chronic diseases so that they can manage their health better.

Nureca is sensitive to the need of people with chronic ailments. We understand that management of chronic conditions like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc. requires continuous monitoring for better control. Our highly accurate & complaint nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, fingertip pulse oximeters, glucometers, infrared thermometers etc. make home monitoring of chronic disease, easy and quick.

Nureca’s home monitoring and medical wearable devices, offer the complete arsenal needed to tackle the challenge of chronic diseases. Our rapidly growing connected devices ecosystem enables efficient management. Our smart devices consolidate readings and identify health patterns thereby enabling better assessment and management of chronic diseases.

Connected Products

Nureca’s growing range of connected devices ensure that our customers have access to vital health information anytime, anywhere. Whatever their chronic condition may be, our connected devices transfer all measurements related to arterial oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood sugar levels etc. to an individual’s smartphone. Our health app consolidates health data securely and identifies health patterns intuitively.


Nebulizer Range

Nureca offers an extensive range of nebulizers so that our customers have the flexibility to choose the right device for themselves and for their families. Our nebulizers operate with low noise levels and optimum efficiencies. Nureca has special nebulizers for infants & young children to address their special needs. Using different technologies, Nureca nebulizers enable better dissipation of water vapour and/or nebulized medication into the respiratory system.


Blood Pressure Monitors

Nureca’s range of BP Monitors provide fast and accurate measurements. Our BP monitors are available in multiple variants with combination of features like Bluetooth® enabled, upper-arm based, wrist-based, talking, re-chargeable, large display, wireless, smart phone connectivity etc. Our BP monitors are light weight and accurately measure systolic, diastolic and heart rate. Nureca’s blood pressure monitors are sturdy and portable and hence are perfect for home and travel use.


Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

Continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation and heart rate is very important to chronic ailments like Covid-19, heart arrythmia, sleep apnoea, obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma etc. Nureca’s fingertip pulse oximeters provide fast and totally pain-free measurement of SpO2 levels and pulse rate. Our latest models offer Bluetooth® based transfer of readings to smartphones for better health analysis. Nureca’s signature oximeters are preferred by mountain climbers, skiers and aviation sport athletes as they have extended battery lives, flexibility to accommodate any finger sizes and are splash proof.


Glucometer Range

Nureca’s blood glucose monitors make diabetes management a breeze. Our devices are driven by our pioneering technology and are accurate, fast and reliable. Nureca gluometers make daily blood glucose monitoring easy and stress free. Nureca’s advanced glucometers immediately detect high or low blood glucose values and display the results using an easy to understand emoji indicator.


Infrared Thermometers

Nureca has an exhaustive range of no-contact infrared thermometers. We have specialised no-contact thermometers designed for infants & children which offer a quick, non-invasive and safe way to measure body temperature. With big memory record storage, colour coded results, large displays and single touch mode switchers, our thermometers stand out from the rest.



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