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Our exhaustive range of lifestyle and wellness products focus on  improving our customers holistic health & wellbeing.

From weighing scales to yoga gear, our lifestyle product helps our customers stay active and always on top of their weight and fitness management.

Our connected products ensure that you keep moving and are constantly and mindfully thinking about your health. Our body analysis scales, activity trackers, sleep monitors , massagers, humidifiers, dental care products and exercising gear helps our customers stay healthy in both body & mind.

Humidifiers & Steamers

Nureca’s functional & luxury steamers improve skin quality, opens pores, removes facial impurities while balancing the atmospheric conditions in our customers’ living & breathing spaces. Our steamers also provide therapeutic care by providing optimal temperature steam to relieve colds, blocked nose and sinusitis. We also offer a specialised range for children which are ergonomically designed with their special needs in mind. All our steamers & humidifiers are safe, quick acting and long lasting.


Weighing Scales

Weight management is one of the critical steps in promoting well-being and good health. Nureca offers a complete range of advanced body analysis scales as well as personal bathroom scales. Our products help our customers achieve their fitness and weight goals by providing a perfect overview of their measured body values. We also have a connected range in this segment so that our customers can transfer data directly to their smartphone using Bluetooth®.



Nureca’s extensive range of massagers include various types like full body, handheld, heat powers, neck & shoulder, wave, shiatsu and many more. Our massagers like all other Nureca products are built to last and are of the highest global standards. While relaxing muscles and relieving muscle stiffness, our massager are also restorative and therapeutic.


Yoga & Exercise

Yoga has been Patanjali’s gift to humankind and has been embraced by people across cultures & countries. Nureca is a company from the land of Yoga and understands the nuances of this holistic wellness regime. Our specialised yoga mats and other gear assist beginners as well as seasoned yogis to deepen their practice. Our home-workout exercising gear like foam rollers, exercising wheels etc. help our customers stay fit and healthy.


Fitness Tracking

Nureca offers a robust, reliable and accurate activity tracking wearable. Our fitness tracker is an ideal companion for optimal activity and sleep tracking. One can set daily move goals, exercise goals, monitor everyday habits, check calorie consumption and track sleep. Our wearable coupled with the free health monitoring app gives complete analysis of personal activity thereby increasing body awareness and promoting personal well-being.


Dental & Personal Care

Nureca offers a growing range of dental & personal care care products. Our oral irrigators are leading in this segment and use high-pressure water streams to clean biofilm between the teeth thereby reducing bacteria build up. Our personal care products range includes adult diapers, beard oil, hair dryers, intimate hygiene products and many more.



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