Orthopaedic Products

Rejuvenate . Rehabilitate . Restore

Our comprehensive range of orthopaedic products help in managing pain,  revitalising the body and improving wellbeing.

Nureca’s massagers, posture corrector and rehabilitation devices help to improves venous blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, corrects posture and improve mobility in a non-intrusive way.

We offer specialised products to restore large muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, back & feet. We also have product that target specific muscles with deep acting heat and pulse therapies. Our specialised electro-stimulation devices promote pain relief and muscle stimulation.


Nureca’s extensive range of massagers include various types like full body, handheld, heat powers, neck & shoulder, wave, shiatsu and many more. Our massagers like all other Nureca products are built to last and are of the highest global standards. While relaxing muscles and relieving muscle stiffness, our massager are also restorative and therapeutic.  Nureca’s high quality relaxation and massage products help remove stress from everyday life. Our massagers relieve pain and tiredness effectively while promoting gentle blood circulation.


Pain Management

Our pain relief formulations are proven to relieve myalgia and reduce muscular inflammation brought upon by strenuous activities and movements. Our formulations have high clinical efficacy with analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties. The formulations are available as creams, gels and sprays. Our formulations arrest different types of musculoskeletal pains like neck/shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, sprain etc. and also speed up recovery.


Posture Corrector

Today’s modern lifestyle and massive use of personal devices is leading to an increasing trend in posture related problems. Our comprehensive range of posture correctors help our customers to develop strength in areas of the body that experience the most chronic pain due to posture issues. Our scientifically designed products are breathable, lightweight and offer the right balance of support & comfort. Our posture correctors help reduce the tightness in neck, shoulders, and upper back thereby boosting energy levels and improving blood circulation.



Our orthopaedic rehabilitation products are innovatively designed to assist and support. Our rehabilitation products exceed quality and standard. They are designed in a way so that maximum support can be provided to the patients without causing any discomfort and pain to patients. Our solid yet flexible products include walkers, wheelchairs, cervical aids, knee & leg supports, and many more to support any painful condition effectively.



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