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Nureca’s blood glucose monitors are simple, reliable and extremely small devices that help to manage diabetes easily.

Our devices are driven by our pioneering technology and are accurate, fast and reliable. Nureca gluometers make daily blood glucose monitoring easy and stress free. Nureca’s advanced glucometers immediately detect high or low blood glucose values and display the results using an easy to understand emoji indicator.

Keeping blood sugar level in range is very important because uncontrolled blood sugar can increase the risk of infection and can make prone to other chronic ailments. Hence it is important to keep a careful watch on blood sugar level to keep it under control. We worked meticulously to develop a range of diabetes monitoring devices including Blood Glucose Monitors, Lancets, Lancing Devices, Test Strips, Safety Lancets, Alcohol Swabs, and others for making glucose monitoring convenient and easy for all. Designed for in-house use, Dr Trust Glucometers are convenient to carry and use during traveling. They work with GDH-FAD strip can be applied to most blood samples, from capillary to artery, vein, and AST. Ketone Alert, and General, AC and PC measuring modes are some other unique attributes that help us to stand out from the market competition. They are innovative and extremely convenient providing fast, hassle-free, and accurate results in simple steps.

We are also empowering patients through their phones and developed glucometer with smartphone connectivity. This device is extremely small making it easy to carry and use conveniently to take an accurate reading even when traveling.

Dr Trust USA Gold Standard Glucose Monitor Glucometer Sugar Check Testing Machine 9001


Dr Trust USA Gold Standard Glucometer Strips (50) 9003



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